Our MIssion

YAH! (Yes to Affordable Housing!) brings together people passionate about making the Bay Area's housing more equitable and more affordable by creating spaces to gather, build relationships, and take action. We believe that housing is a fundamental human right and that equity and social justice should guide conversations about housing. We fight for development that addresses the needs of all local residents without displacement.


We are in a new era of housing

With more people moving into cities, we need to support and advocate for policies that protect low-income communities from displacement.

We believe housing is a human right

This is pretty straightforward: housing should be about a home, and not about profit.  In the wealthiest country on earth, we can afford for everyone to be stably housed.

We can build more affordable housing.

We can build a range of housing for the range of incomes we need in our diverse city (we think Jobs-Housing Fit is a great framework for figuring out what we need). 

We can think locally and regionally.

We can think simultaneously about the region as a whole and about the specific needs of local neighborhoods to develop effective, targeted solutions and ensure every community is building its fair share of housing.