Introducing our new Program Manager, and what are we endorsing this November?

Things have been a little quiet over here at YAH! As many of you will know, we’ve been searching for a Program Manager & Organizer, and we’d like to introduce Megan Orpwood-Russell!

Megan comes from an event organizing background, particularly focusing on large scale events that center social justice. Most recently, she was the Conference & Storytelling Manager at La Cocina. It was through planning the conference that Megan became driven to fight for housing justice. So many conversations in the planning all returned to a lack of affordable housing, or untenable commutes for service workers. With a background in activism and communications, Megan has worked across many industries, from conservation to circus schools. Storytelling and justice are at the heart of all of her work, and she’s excited to be joining YAH! as our first full time staff member.

Now that we’ve got Megan on board, we’re planning a host of events to tie in with the upcoming elections - ranging from happy hours to understand your ballot, to co-hosted events with other housing justice activists. We’re also planning a panel discussion on ADUs, for a little later in the year. So keep an eye out for upcoming events!


State Ballot

YES on Proposition 1: Affordable housing bond

YES on Proposition 2:  Leverage existing state funds to build supportive housing connected to mental health service

NO on Proposition 5: a tax break for homeowners over the age of 55

YES on Proposition 10: Repeals Costa Hawkins, approves statewide rent control initiative

San Francisco Ballot
YES on Prop C: Taxation on businesses earning beyond a certain threshold to support homeless initiatives in SF.

Megan O-R